pilates barThe Pilates Bar featured in the Danskin Portable Pilates Studio is a unique prop that makes your workouts more enjoyable.

The Pilates Bar featured in the Danskin Portable Pilates Studio is a very good, inexpensive option to add variety and resistance to your mat workouts if you do not have the means or opportunity to workout on a reformer. This very affordable pilates bar offers a unique pilates oriented workout that provides an amazing total body solution in the comfort and privacy of your home. Although it is not a traditional pilates prop, using the Danskin pilates bar will let you get a feel for some of the core, arm and leg work that is done on the pilates reformer.

pilates barThe design of the pilates bar lets the exerciser perform reformer-style movements without buying the equipment or enrolling in studio sessions. For less than a quarter of the price of a single private pilates lesson you can use the pilates bar everyday to get the longer leaner body results you want at home.

The Danskin Portable Pilates Studio workout is not only effective, but it is an incredibly fun workout for all fitness levels! Get slim and sexy with easy-to-do, full range, smooth and fluid teasers, leg circles and full body stretches. Sculpt your arms, legs, hips, and thighs while improving core strength with every move. Get ready to tone your whole body and lose inches too using the pilates bar and dvd!

If you are a personal trainer the Danskin Pilates Portable Studio bar is very convenient and easy to use as well as simple to transport. You can bring the pilates bar with you to the gym or wherever you meet your clients because it easily fits in a gym bag. Use the pilates bar on the go or in your home studio. The pilates bar consists of a foam padded bar with two 30” bands of resistance tubing attached at each end. At the end of the tubing are two loops called foot straps in pilates. The pilates bar screws together securely and then is easily disassembled for compact storage and transportation. The pilates bar is well constructed and durable.

bicep curls using the pilates barFor newcomers to pilates, the biggest plus is the follow along DVD with three short but effective workouts and an illustrated workout poster created by Global Fitness Pro, Gin Miller. If you are new to exercise or pilates type workouts the DVD is very helpful and easy to follow. Gin Miller gives clear directions, is upbeat and motivating.

If you are just starting out or are pressed for time you can do just one of the workouts. When you are in a more ambitious mood ready to spruce up your intensity you can jump in and do two or all three. Once you have the basic moves down it is easy to get them in at home while listening to music or watching you favorite TV show.

pilates barThere are many more movement options that you can create as you gain more experience using the pilates bar. If you have learned a few things at the gym I am sure you can come up with a few on your own. Standing squats, biceps curls and triceps extensions are all easy to do using the pilates bar featured in the Danskin Portable Pilates Studio.

In essence, if you are a little intimidated starting something new and or curious about more than just pilates mat work yet do not want to pay the cost of a home reformer or private studio session, the pilates bar is a little piece of heaven for a very minimal but worth while investment.

Exercising with the pilates bar will help you . . .

  • Improve strength and flexibility
  • Tone your whole body
  • Lose inches
  • Burn calories
  • Look & feel your best

The Danskin Portable Pilates Studio includes:

  • Foam padded pilates bar with two 30” resistance tubes and foot straps
  • Pilates bar disassembles for compact carriage and easy storage
  • Illustrated workout poster guide by fitness pro
  • Workout DVD with three workouts

The pilates bar is retailed at $30.00 by Danskin but you can find it for less at Amazon.com.

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